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Eid El Kabir Sallah Feeding for Almajiri

On June 16, 2024, the Al-Muhibbah Foundation (AMF) organized a special Eid El Kabir Sallah Feeding program for the Almajiri children in Bauchi State. This initiative aimed to bring joy and support to these less privileged children during the festive season. The founder generously provided a cow, ensuring that large portions of meat were included

in the meals, accompanied by drinks and water. This gesture brought immense happiness to the Almajiri and other vulnerable individuals on this special day.

Distribution to Vulnerable Households Continuing the spirit of giving, the Al-Muhibbah Foundation slaughtered another cow on June 17, 2024, the day after Sallah. The meat from this cow was distributed to vulnerable households who were unable to afford the Sallah sacrifice. This act of kindness ensured that these families could partake in the celebrations and enjoy the festive season with dignity and joy.

Together, we strive to make a positive impact on the lives of the less privileged in our community.


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