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Viral hepatitis is a threat to all and needs to be given top priority.

Hepatitis is so dangerous because it is a silent killer.

Many people do not show clear, discernible symptoms, and as a result are not diagnosed and may continue to spread the virus to others. Only few people with hepatitis have been diagnosed.

Then, far too few people who are diagnosed receive the treatment they need. Without treatment,

the virus can lead to cirrhosis, liver cancer, and other deadly complications.

Al-Muhibbah Foundation in collaboration with Hepatitis Zero Commission organized a one day screening and medical outreach in an effort to eliminate the scourge of Hepatitis in the society

Commendation from AMF Founder:

According to her, statistics has shown that, up to twenty seven million people in Nigeria are infected with the deadly disease, saying that the number represent over 25 percent of the total population. And if care is not taken, the burden of hepatitis will no doubt affect the healthcare status of Nigerians in so many ways.
The Founder of Al-Muhibbah Foundation as hepatitis zero ambassador, said the event is to enable the beneficiaries to know their health status as part humanitarian services rendered by her office.

During the event, the Governor Bala Abdulkadir Mohammed after monitoring the conduct of the free medical outreach joined Al-Muhibbah Foundation to flag off the exercise.

"Effect and preventive measures of hepatitis, people should always visit hospital for medical check up so as ensure early detection as it is one of the major strategies against the disease.

The President Hepatitis Zero Commission,

Dr Mike Omotosho "

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