Care and support for the less privileged

Al-Muhibbah Foundation (AMF) is a non-governmental organization established to serve as means of an integrated life support for the general well being of the less privileged in the society, especially women, children and the youth, addressing their problems and needs. 


AMF envision providing such support by empowerment through provision of basic primary health care, inclusive education, support for less privileged (especially Out of school children) and community development programs.    

The organization was founded due to the educational, socio-economic and health challenges faced by many Nigerians especially women and children. AMF in its effort to provide humanitarian and charity interventions, AMF has been supporting communities through its strategic outreach activities and programs, with the intended outcome for women and children to get access to good health care, acquire entrepreneurial skills, and provision of school materials and uniforms, Mobilize Individuals, groups and communities on community development activities and sustainability.

Al-Muhibbah Foundation implements its activities at the grass root level using community based approach. The organization receives support from donor agencies, international partners and other relevant sources to manage and sustain its operations...


 To Build support platforms through inclusive education, basic health promotion, social inclusion and community development programs.


 An inclusive society with Sustainable social support for the vulnerable groups in the community. 


Making a difference

We are a Humanitarian and Charity Organisation that was founded to address the issue of derelict cemeteries as well as caring, assisting and supporting the less privileged in the areas of Health, Education, Poverty Alleviation etc.
We undertake activities for the socio-economic uplift of Women/Youth to enable them become self-reliant.
We support and encourage education in rural communities through scholarship, donation of educational materials and upgrade of school facilities.
We provide clean and accessible drinking water to rural communities through the provision of motorised water system / boreholes.


Since our inception, we’ve worked diligently to provide assistance to those who need help. Every Contribution/Donation makes  the world a better place.

please Donate today either time or money.  Let's join hands and make a positive difference.




Education Intervention

Educating Children Securing the future.

Education is one of our top priorities, Al-Muhibbah Foundation pay School fees for Orphans and Vulnerable Children,  Distribute Educational materials, rehabilitate schools and train teachers especially teachers from schools of  children with special needs.

Health Intervention.

Donation of Drugs and Medical Equipment to Hospitals and Healthcare Centers.

Assist in paying medical bills for those that can not afford. 

Organising sensitisation lectures and enlightenment program with our partners( NMA- Abuja chapters, FACA, Nizamiye NIgeria Turkish Hospital, Primus Indian Hospital )

Upgrading of Cemeteries

Management Team And Volunteer Group

Al-Muhibbah Foundation's (AMF) Management Team and Volunteers on Visitation to Physically Challenged Persons in Karmajiji Community, Abuja. Donation of Food Items to the Community. 

Recent news and events

“ Educate a child. Educate a generation!”

“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see”


Get in touch with Al-Muhibbah Foundation to discover more about our work and how to donate. We thank you for your support.